advantages of a longer fly rod

I use a Lamson Liquid 1.5 on the Echo by the way. There’s really one reason to buy a longer rod. in my case surely not. And for casting these rigs, I do not like slower action. That’s the benefit of a longer rod. This article is a great learning resource for all anglers. READ: Troutbitten | Thoughts on Rod Tip Recovery. It has become my go-to rod for small streams. For the recon rod I tried out throwing dry flies with it successfully up to 15 or 20 feet; enough distance for me. And where the tip goes, so goes the line, leader and fly. So consider your goals, understand the pros and cons of a longer rod, and then find your point of compromise. But of course, the longer the rod, the stronger it will also be - so if you want to catch a huge bass, for example, go for a 9-feet rod … I haven’t used the latter much — the two extra pieces of rod (six inches) are often superfluous to my needs, and the weights are more than I want to deal with most of the time. Be part of the Troutbitten community of ideas. Please share in the comments section below. Increasing the length of trace outside of the rod tip is essentially the same as lengthening the rod. That’s been done for decades. Your synopsis of length and casting is spot on. And that’s fair, but many shorter rods are also made with soft tips for protecting light tippets. I have a 10’6” nymphing rod and one point of note is trudging that thing through mountain laurel is a painful process. Longer rods allow us to hold more line off the water. Pause slightly for the fly to drop. When you do the geometry, an extra foot of fly rod provides about three feet of extra reach at thirty feet. Fly fishing is an angling activity that uses a lightweight lure to catch fish. are true, but I think the differences between a 10 and 10.5 are probably too subtle for most of us to notice, especially within the same model. Fly Rod Design Variables . I tend to fish a fair amount of weight so I prefer a 5 over a 4, and I consider a 5 weight fly line to be the most versatile for trout fishing, so I always have a WF5F spooled up under my mono rig, just in case. Since 2014 and 600 articles deep Troutbitten is a free resource for all anglers Your support is greatly appreciated. It’s impractical to carry multiple rods every day, so my favorite tools are the ones that perform many tasks well. All of these rods can perform the necessary functions, but how well do they do it? But usually, longer roads have longer load times, and they feel less powerful. If I do plan for underwater presentations in the mountains, I usually choose an eight-and-a-half or nine-foot option, for the extra reach and added ability to keep line off the water. Recently I got the recon 2020 10 foot 3 weight and love the feel. I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. Lead. Just let it go, and free yourself from the stupidity…I am 70, and have fished with the fly rod, and every other kind of rod…never has the concept of an art form entered my head when using any of these methods. They are forgiving to the beginning fly fisherman and allow for a much easier time in learning the necessary skills when starting out fly casting. Definitely an acquired taste. . “The rod you’ll own….next” I switched from the 10’8 3 to the 10′ 3 and couldn’t agree more with all of the points you mention Dom. . Longer rods allow us to hold more line off the water. **, ** Find all articles about Fly Rods HERE **, Enjoy the day. That doesn’t mean to take the speed out. I glad I can have more than one length rod, but I think if I could have only one rod for all round Euro style fishing, I would go with a 10.5 footer. As you say, I have been quite happy with it both for mono rigs and dry fly traditional casting. 2021 928 Words 4 Pages. This disadvantage is probably obvious. Fish what works and be ready for anything — that’s a Troutbitten theme. The three of them use 4pc rods and during the weekend two of them came apart while casting. When I stumbled on The Mono Rig and Why Fly Line Sucks back in 2016, I had a Loomis XLS 9′ 3wt gathering cobwebs back in the corner, and I thought, why not? And the longer the rod, the greater is that distance. I still think about a sort of bucket trip back to fish Big Fishing, Penn’s, Spring Creek and others when this Covid junk is over. I’ve hooked into some personal best fish with this rod. Consider your fly size and weight. I also wanted to note how the additional comments from fellow anglers is a tremendous help in making my choice. At the heart of every good leader design is an intentional balance between turnover and drag. Tackle that first . And any tool used well can be the perfect match. And while I can still fish a nymph up close with the 8’er, it just works so much better with 10’ of graphite. And it’s even more critical while tight line nymphing. Relax, and let the rod do the work. There are many reasons for that. The slightly longer rod would be very helpful in keeping the fly line and fly a fraction further up from the water surface, especially noticeable when going for distance and aerializing longer line outside the rod tip. If you know where your rod tip is, you can cast any length of rod in any cover. I’ve had friends who bought a long rod and have regretted their decision immediately. Is a rod that is longer or shorter than your current 9' going to help you? Some of the worst rods on the market are cheaper offerings in the long range of ten or eleven feet or more. Don’t get to dry fly it much, but the 9’4 to 12’3 versatility works for me and minimized additional rod purchase. Additionally, I use a Sage ESN, and while wonderful to tightline, it’s quite serviceable throwing reasonable streamers on a mono rig, or even find dries. . The best days start by learning what most trout in the river are doing. benefits That I noticed with my clients when I put a longer fly rod in their hands. I usually use soft hackle wets and the shorter rod lets me put the fly on target. Every day, I cast the the client’s rods as some point too. . I recently tried a bamboo rod (Orvis midge-nymph from the 70’s) and couldn’t cast accurately with it due to the soft, slow action. I always tell people that if you can hear the rod WHOOOSH through the air, you’re working way to hard. Any thoughts about whether the new one is worth it considering that I have the model before that?

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